Demerara 12yo "GD Edition"

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Single Barrel Rum

ABV 64,1%

Limited Edition of only 201 bottles.

Product Description

Country: Guyana

Distillery: Demerara

Style: Barrel

Color: Dark

Age: 12

Alcohol: 64,1%

Vol: 70 cl.

Number of Bottles: 201

The rum was distilled in Guyana and poured on the oak wooden cask on September 25, 2008.

The cask has been stored in Guyana for the first 9 years, and since 2017 in Scotland, where the cask also is bottled.

Nose: First thing that meets the nose, dark chocolate, then honey and caramel.
Taste: Dot in the mouth, creamy full flavor of toffee, chocolate, fresh fruits and mixture of caramel and honey.
Finish: Long full-bodied aftertaste that fills your mouth. Finishes off with a pleasant sweetness of chocolate, hazelnuts and honey.
 A natural dark and character filled rum, with lots of depth of flavor.

The distillery (Demerara) where this rum comes from was founded back in 1732 and the boilers have since moved to Diamond Distillery at the turn of the millennium. The Demerara distillery had 14 distilleries, three of which were of the “Wooden Coffey Still” type. These three Coffey Still’s, differ from the traditional copper kettle, by being made of wood. The wood used is of a local type and a special type of wood called “Greenheart wood“. This type of wood is almost as hard as steel! Which allows it to withstand very high heat, in a humid environment.

The three famous Coffey Still’s are named, Port MorantVersailles and Enmore.The oldest of these stills is Port Morant and is the one used to make this rum. Port Morant, differs from the other two, by being a double boiler. The neck from the first pull part goes directly into the second and then through the condenser to finally pass into the product tank. This setup creates a huge reflux, resulting in an oily alcohol with a really heavy body where the level of flavor is almost doubled. Rum produced on this Still is known to be very powerful, aromatic and oily.

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Product size70 cl.
BrandGolden Drops